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Academia 4.0

Academia 4.0

by Nataliia Rzhevska VideoWiki -
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We've all missed a friendly hug! 

We have dreamed of holding hands with friends for so long! 

We already forgot when we treated our colleagues to coffee! 

We have stopped so many emotions. 

The world has lost so many people. The universe has now definitely heard the loud cry of our planet. This is a cry of supplication, pain, emptiness, loss, hopelessness, fear, compassion, sympathy, mercy, kindness, philanthropy, humanity, solidarity, responsiveness … 

But, even a lonely cry for help will be heard in hundreds of shades of echo of compassion.

Resonating from us to the universe and back into the new kind of co-dreamers. 

New times. We are new. Strangers who were able to become friends, colleagues, give away in abundance and selflessness the most precious they have (time, knowledge, experience, ideas) that they have for the welfare of the world. We’ve covered our faces with masks, but we’ve opened our hearts. We do not invent innovations for the sake of primacy and awards, we do it for the future in which we want to see our children, grandchildren, friends HAPPY and HEALTHY! We cannot hold hands, but we have stretched out an invisible thread that unites us and leads us in one direction - towards FAITH. As if at one moment human vices were overflowing, the planet exploded and found itself in Chaos, and then new people emerged from it - volunteer doctors working for 3 days without sleep, patrons of the arts with average income, innovators who are ready to give all the time to implement free projects to save the world ... And we are academics, scientists, researchers, practitioners, connectors, teachers who want to share their experiences of engaging so many people, initiating so many projects, inspiring and engaging in open science and innovation. This is not just an academic work, it is a spiritual impulse that has become an academic experiment. This is the (re)birth of a new meaning of science. Science is not just for books and articles, but science is for inspiration, engagement, global impact. If you feel that your heart is beating faster now - know that we exist. If you think you could invest yourself in this time-space material, join our community of co-dreamers!

(Author of the text: Natalia Rzhevska, VideoWiki)

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