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Professional wellbeing (amalgamated words or real state)?

Professional wellbeing (amalgamated words or real state)?

by Nataliia Rzhevska VideoWiki -
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Nataliia Rzhevska and Renata Petrevska Nechkoska's thoughts about professional wellbeing & our journey ...

Surely everyone has had professional disappointments? 

If you have not yet had them, then you are not yet employed, nor you volunteer for something smile These falls are like small bifurcation points for renewal, rethinking, rebirth. Some have already learned to perceive them as also small commas in front of a large exclamation mark of victory, others want to drop everything at once and go into the shadows quietly ‘crying’, and still others begin a course of internal self-destruction (‘that is not the real me’, ‘a loser’, ‘a professional insignificance’, ‘I am devoid of talent’, etc.). What is right and what is not? - everyone has their own answer and their own context to argument it. But there is pretty much established zone where truth resides - you need to take care of your professional wellbeing as well as the one of your peers, employees, relatives, friends. 

Professional wellbeing embodies confidence and self-care, a sense of YOUR importance, building YOUR perspectives, seeing YOUR specific steps for YOUR professional growth. And then there is the most important component (command): Professional wellbeing is not a competition with winners, but joint work, where everyone wins! (Yes, here is the exclamation mark) 

When there are problems at work, people go to their families, hobbies ... 

When problems in personal, family life, people seek refuge in their profession. It is a home for the intellect. 

Maintaining professional wellbeing is not difficult. But, it necessitates to make a linkage that the ‘cold’ professional definition does not entail: inclusion of the heart (feelings) and your circumstances (context). Heart-to-heart conversation, professional advice, teamwork, professional praise, peer acknowledgement, voluntary engagement, family support, partner approval, … 

Our advice: as long as you are alive and healthy, you are succeeding, so no worries - be kind and considerate to yourself and to others. Things are so relative and we live in a multi-peaked world where small and big bifurcations are frequent - both for the bad and the good. Professional wellbeing, like no material incentives, causes motivation to create, not just work, but generation and implementation of ideas. It is when the brain functions towards solutions which are per se above the arena of problems, diminishing their strength and ranking so we can cope better. 

The EUvsVirus phenomenon is also in the Hackathon sense of wellbeing. Teams helped each other, rivals finalized the solutions of competitors, volunteers worked 24 hours a day for months, we were sincerely happy with our victories of these kinds, and immediately exchanged contacts for future cooperation. Cliques, sub-ecosystems, sub-networks and communities formed and invite each other to make stronger and larger relations and impact. And, fascinatingly enough, very few, almost no occurrences of ill intentions and abuse - on the contrary, the well of our being was emphasised along all the way. What was it? Spirit of wellbeing! We let it into our hearts and dreams, intellects and paradigm, and not planning to let it go!

(Edited by Admin Renata - original submission Wednesday, 2 September 2020, 12:47 PM)

(Edited by Admin Renata - original submission Wednesday, 2 September 2020, 12:47 PM)

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