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The point where Project management overlaps with Tactical management

The point where Project management overlaps with Tactical management

by Admin Ana Dajovska -
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While going through the pages of PMBOK it is truly visible that the project management concentrates on the activities aimed to certain goal of creating a product, a service, or result. The given segment below is taken from the book "Tactical Management in Complexity" and relates to the point given above. 

As someone who practices project management on daily basis, I would like to debate that project management is truly significant in creating systems. Procedures, documentation, plans, following contracts, completing milestones, meeting deadlines and so many more activities that belong to the 10 knowledge areas also tend to create a huge system, one on which all modern companies rely today. During these times of constant changes, it is the project management that starts small through having activities organised toward a certain result, but this step-by-step process is essential to building all the systems in companies and organisations. The 'lessons learned' segment of each project is the element that creates the experiential learning in each organisation, creating innovations on the way. 

What I would like to look at the project management is not as a sequence of activities, but as a system of creating innovations in the 21st century together with the support of the tactical management. Hope to be able to prove this point towards my research in the following months. 

Photo source: Book "Tactical Management in Complexity"

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