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Create a bulletproof system

Create a bulletproof system

by Admin Ana Dajovska -
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Project management and tactical management are both concentrated around people. They are concentrated around the cause of having the team heading towards the right directions, and towards accomplishment of the organisational goals and strategy. Below is the segment of the book "Tactical Management in Complexity", which shows that through the Denica method that having people's roles clearly defined is one of the main goals of Tactical management. This gives a clear overview of the functionality of the workspace. 

There is one exceptional segment in the PMBOK6 saying: "People can be counted, but they are not numbers". It is my strong believe that when it comes to leadership and dealing with people, the company needs tactical management. The concept of having tactical management work together with the project management towards the strategic goals of the organisation and having people in the focus of the organisation, leads to creating a bulletproof system.

Photo source: Book "Tactical Management in Complexity"