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Diving into PM vs. TM debate

Diving into PM vs. TM debate

by Admin Ana Dajovska -
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From a viewpoint of the scope of these two concepts, the approach of tactical management extends further in terms of coping with a bigger environment and working towards the entire scope of other managerial functions including the project management. 

In my understanding while reading the PMBOK, the project is only one part of the entire company and the portfolio of projects, functions and needs for improvement. I love the approach of having to look at most of the process in a company as projects. Even though tactical management might have an extended reach, it is the project management that needs to be applied in the process of implementation of tactical management as well. In my view, project management is an essential part of every process in the company, and it is placed under the portfolio management. 

In my further explorations, I will be looking at the possibility to place tactical management under the portfolio management as well, and consider it as a program that needs to be applied in order to do the projects and programs the right way.