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Finding the WHY

Finding the WHY

by Admin Ana Dajovska -
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The emotional intro to this book gives a sense of the hard work put into "Tactical Management in Complexity". Speaking about changes at the very beginning of the book, the author explains the essence of the managerial work, the need for resources and information in order the manager to initiate the change. Even more important in this segment of the book, is the mentioning of reaching the goal and generating improvement. Managers, often enough, tend to get into projects in order to complete the given steps, but the sight of the final goal might be lost on the way. In the review of this segment, it is believed that the WHY of the activity/decision made/project comes first and it is the most relevant source of change. When we know the WHY, the HOW of the process of taking action comes easier and spotting the resources becomes the natural managerial activity.

Petrevska Nechkoska, R. (2019). Tactical Management in Complexity: Managerial and Informational Aspects. (C. Rauscher, Ed.). Springer International Publishing. Retrieved from

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