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Similarities between Project Management and Tactical Management

Similarities between Project Management and Tactical Management

by Admin Ana Dajovska -
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While going through the process of comparing the project management and the tactical managment as concepts, I have noticed that the strategy is their main focus in the company. These two processes are serving to reaching the company's goals and objectives, while also, they are focusing on the teams and the people that work for the company. 

Except strategy, I also see clarity and SMART defining of all process, problems and objectives as main segments towards which project management and tactical management work. 

To conclude this comment, the PMBOK6 gives us an overview of the Executing process group that contains all of the processes leading to completion of the project management plan and satisfying requirements. I find a strong connection between the  completion of how the process groups work and the segment from the book "Tactical Management in Complexity" given below. We always look for as much as possible clear definitions, definition how and what to do and expect, and following procedures, principles and requirements. All of these added in a system in order to also generate results while adapting to the context and environment that we work in. Exactly this segment is what sets the similarity between TM and PM as concepts.