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Welcome to the HUB for research <> practice of tactical management in complexity!

In terms of core disciplines, it is founded on management - information systems - complexity, with the aim to cross-fertilise any domain. The next level is its combination with Harvard's CID's Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) - as strategy for complexity!

In terms of industries, it has been established and proven in banking, consultancies, governmental and non-governmental sector ... circular economy, air pollution, ...

In terms of academia, it has been born in the research between Ghent University Belgium and University St. Kliment Ohridski North Macedonia, and continues its expansion by building bridges with affiliates in the Western Balkans region, Europe and the world. 

Read more about our approach, methods, applications - and reach out for clarification and/or assistance!

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We work for data- driven organizations

by Admin Ana Dajovska -

We are all part of data driven organizations in this digital age. We can work on tactics and strategies, but both of them can be very strongly supported by the process of elaborating relevant data and getting the most valuable asset of today, correct and timely information. 

data driven organizations

Engaging to help businesses pro-bono

by Admin Renata -

Asst. prof. dr. Renata Petrevska Nechkoska provides businesses with advice, consultancy, Moodle platform support and during the pandemics of 2020 via the Techpack platform that gathers free and pro-bono offerings from the ICT and managerial domains.


Mentoring a master after master student at UGent Belgium - Jarno Lernou

by Admin Renata -

Mentoring a master after master student at UGent Belgium - Jarno Lernou

Started in regular times, with interesting challenge - finished in times where the challenge became reality. Congratulations Jarno!1




Developing a system in the company

by Admin Ana Dajovska -

Adaptability and dynamics have been the main accelerators of success. We have seen in current times that businesses that have been building systems are also able to adapt to the changes of time: new circumstances and challenges brought by unforeseen events. The current corona virus crisis have shown that everything is possible to be achieved by the business sector, but also, without a developed system as a pillar, nothing is possible. 

build a system

Adaptability over predictability

by Admin Ana Dajovska -

Companies tend to concentrate on processes, but what we need to create is a system able to support the strategy. Exactly this part of the book "Tactical Management in Complexity" points out the main element of connecting tools, techniques and processes into a complete system that is able to constantly change and improve in order to support the company strategy. In my opinion, this is how adaptability takes lead over predictability, and most importantly, increases confidence in the work of the company an its sustainability. 

adaptability over predictability

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